Top 3 Reasons to Hire an SEO Firm

So you’re a business owner and you now have your website up and running. Think you’re done with your online marketing strategy?  Think again.  Getting your site up and running is just half the battle.  You really need to get your website showing up in Google… how else are your customers going to find you? The process of ranking higher in Google (and other search engines) is called SEO.

  1. Managing a website correctly requires specific expertise… and expertise that you are unlikely to have.  It’s a large job to maintain your site IF you don’t know the intricate ins and outs of the business.  And let’s not kid ourselves:  promoting websites online and increasing pagerank IS a business.  So,  if you’re not up to speed with how SEO works, if you’re not even sure what SEO means (search engine optimization), consider hiring a company whose sole purpose is to achieve it.  Otherwise, you’re going to be like a first year Spanish language student thrown into the arena of professional interpreters, and you will lose.
  2. Prior to the internet becoming so prominent, business owners could expect visits from advertising professionals from the newspaper, TV and radio.  The ad execs would assess your needs and then offer you different ad options regarding inserts, or local media spots in drive or prime time.  You were quite content to allow these professionals to take your information back to their offices and then, poof!  Your ads appeared as agreed upon.  Hiring an SEO expert is similar to working with those ad execs.  You discuss your needs, the SEO firm makes sure your website is taken care of.  Poof!  You get your page ranking.  You didn’t have to do it yourself, but instead left it in the hands of the professionals.
  3. What is the make-up of your business?  How many employees do you have?  Can you really afford to spend your precious time in the back room on the computer while you have customers wandering unattended in your store?  Or, if you manufacture products, how can you be in the warehouse assembling your product and paying attention to keyword backlinks at the same time?  Didn’t you go into business to do something you love?  Is what you love rooted in the algorithms of Google’s pagerank criteria?  Probably not.  Do what you do best, and turn the rest over to an expert.

SEO optimization is a specialized field of work that you’re probably not proficient in.  Rather than waste hours trying to learn and still be behind the learning curve, hire a professional SEO firm.  Let them benefit you with their knowledge, which will free you up to follow your passion.

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