Stop Carrying the Sales Prevention Banner


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Stop Carrying the Sales Prevention Banner

If you have web presence and you’re not using social media, you’re sabotaging your own efforts.  That’s right.  If you’ve taken the internet plunge to your chest but are hesitant to go all the way in, you’re actually leading the sales prevention team inside your organization.  Here are three really solid reasons why you’re hurting yourself.  (All stats are current as of February 2013.)

  1. Facebook:  More than one-billion users and 680 mobile users.
  2. Youtube:  800 million users
  3. Twitter:  500 million users

Just the sheer numbers ought to scream out to you, “Hey, I gotta get in there, too.”  However, maybe you’re afraid of using social outlets because you don’t understand them.  Maybe you’re afraid that if you put yourself out there, people may post bad things about you.  (Just to let you in on a little secret:  If they have something bad to say, they’ll say it somewhere anyhow.)

Maybe you’ve never used such strategies and you can’t figure out where they fit in with your plans.  (Hey, you couldn’t have used them if they didn’t exist, right?)  You may think there’s no way to guarantee results, therefore any investment would be a large risk.

For every reason to not use social media, there are a multitude of reasons to use them.  (Like 1-billion, 800 million and 500 million!)  But the bottom line is this:  Every business person has to keep pace with marketplace trends or they’ll be closing their doors very soon.  Understanding this and acting on it is what’s key.

If you don’t know how to do it, then hire a professional SEO Team to help.  Just stop being the sales prevention force in your own organization and start making plans to get all the way wet in your internet plunge.


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