SEO Experts Like Local Ad Execs in the “Old Days”

If you’re thinking about hiring a professional SEO company to assist with your website’s visibility in the global market but are having difficulty deciding to commit, here are some thoughts to help you through.  As Bob Dylan sings, “The times, they are a’changing,” but it doesn’t mean everything you knew before has gone away.

Think back to a time before the internet became such a necessary part of business—in fact, think back before there was an internet.  How did you get the word out about what you do?  You called the local radio station or TV station or newspaper (maybe you called all three), or they called you to ask for a meeting.  You sat down with the representative, learned about the advertising they had to offer, and then agreed upon a plan of exposure and a cost.  The rep didn’t guarantee you a sales increase but knew his or her knowledge of the industry would benefit your business in the overall.

The ad rep went back to his or her place of work and filled your order.  Radio spots promoting your business were aired during the times agreed upon, your TV spots ran during local programming hours and your newspaper ad came out in the edition the size you ordered with the ad copy you approved.

You didn’t order the ads and then go to your office and produce them, or start typesetting copy for print.  So why would you try to promote your own website when that’s not your area of expertise?

Now let’s look at the SEO professionals.  They’re just like your ad representatives in days gone by.  They’ll work with you to discover your needs and then translate them into the world of computer search engine optimization for your maximum benefit.   Just like your former ad execs didn’t guarantee you a specific number of sales or increase in floor traffic, SEO professionals are not going to guarantee you a certain page rank.  However, as before, if the plan you agreed upon is executed properly, they know their knowledge of the world of search engine optimization will benefit you.

So if you’re thinking about hiring a professional SEO firm to maximize your web presence, stop thinking about it and do it.  The times, they are a’changing, but hiring experts to promote your business is a time-proven strategy that works.

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