How to Find the Perfect SEO Company for your Website

Are you planning to hire an SEO expert or the so-called search engine optimizer to run your website? This is a major decision that can likely affect the success of your website and can improve and develop it in no time. However, letting someone control is like risking your own reputation and may also do damage to the website if things get rough in the future. Before deciding to hire someone, make sure to make a thorough research about the nature of the service, its advantages and disadvantages and the damage it can do to your site in case you hired an irresponsible SEO or search engine optimizer. Most SEOs and other consultants and agencies furnish helpful services for their clients such as the following:

  • Review and study of the website’s structure and content
  • Gives technical advices for the clients’ website development. Examples of technical issues are: error pages, hosting, uses of JavaScript and redirect pages
  • Development of the websites’ contents
  • Managing the development of online business campaign
  • Research for keywords
  • Trainings for SEO development
  • Expert in specific geographies and markets

Always remember that the results page in the Google Search may also include organic search and most of the advertisements that are paid, which were indicated as the ‘Sponsored’ or ‘Ads’ in the page. Using Google for advertisement will not have any impact on the presence of the clients’ websites in the search engine results. The website’s ranking in the search engine results costs nothing for Google does not accept any money from the clients. Google provides free resources like their official Webmaster Central blog, Webmaster Tools and their very reliable discussion forums, which can give clients an excellent deal of additional information in optimizing sites meant for organic search.

To be able to know if you are looking for the right SEO for your website, here are some things that you may ask to help you with:

  • Ask him to show some examples of their previous works and successful stories
  • Does he follow the guidelines of Google Webmaster?
  • Does he recommend any marketing services or advices online to go with his organic search services?
  • What results does he expect for your website? Does he have a timeframe for that? How can he say that he has been successful in this business?
  • Let him enumerate his experiences in the industry?
  • Any specific experiences or background of your city or country?
  • Does he have any experiences working for international websites?
  • What is his most relevant and important SEO technique?
  • How long has he been doing SEOs?
  • How does he prefer to communicate with clients? Will he be transparent in all changes and development he will do to your website?

There are many ways to know if you are working with a professional SEO or search engine optimizer or he is just a spammer. If you have doubts, maybe you must trust your own instinct. Feel free to walk away for it will be your businesses and your own reputation that will be at risk.

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