How To Build An Exceptional Website For Less Than $1000


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There are many options for building really cheap websites out there. They all use web design programs that don’t give you the need in order to truly create a great website; you oftentimes don’t have the flexibility to implement necessary functionality, properly optimize to show up in the search engines, etc. Don’t build a website with a tool like Godaddy Website Builder, Wix, etc.; you will regret it in the long run. However, it is possible to get an attractive website design, that looks 100% professional and has all of the functionality that you need (in most cases, for most small businesses) for under $1000.

Here is how to do it:

Choose an existing WordPress theme:

There are thousands of them out there for all industries. Whether you’re a non-profit, attorney, bakery – whatever – there will be tons of amazing options out there to choose from. This way you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Custom coding/ designs are expensive. Using an existing WordPress template for your web design will save you lots of money. Hiring an experienced web design company like SEO Team will save you lots of time and frustration with this.

Go Cheap On The Logo:

You can get an amazing logo for $10 to $15. It’s crazy that small startup companies with very limited resources spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars and many, many hours trying to get that “perfect” logo. It’s such a subjective issue; everyone will have their own opinion about what looks good. You can’t make everyone perfectly happy. Just choose something that looks good and go with it; your logo isn’t going to make or break your company.

The best way to get a great logo cheaply is to go to Just choose three of the $5 options that have hundreds of good reviews. Choose the best of the three and run with it.

Create a YouTube Video:

A lot of people would rather watch/ listen to what you have to offer rather than read about it. It’s a great idea to embed a YouTube video onto your homepage. SEO Team offers cheap YouTube video creation for small businesses; our YouTube videos start at just $350.

Write Your Own Content:

Who knows more about your business than you do? Why pay a content writer hundreds of dollars when you can just as easily write the content yourself.

Get Cheap, High Quality Photos:

Istockphoto is a great option. Sort by the cheap photos; you will often find that the really cheap photos are just as high quality as the really expensive ones.

Cheap Review Building:

You don’t just want people to visit your website; you want them to buy (or call or fill out a lead form or whatever it is that you want them to do). The best way to make sure that they do that is to build a bunch of high quality reviews. You want your potential customers to see all of the great feedback you have received online. They will trust you more and be much more inclined to purchase. Go for the free trial on ReviewShepherd; it’s a great software for online review building for your Google, Yelp and other online profiles.