Essentials When Optimizing Your Website

SEO can help to bring free traffic to your website. Everyone wants free traffic, right? But how exactly does one go about acquiring it?

What functionality and features does your website need to have in order to accommodate both a great user experience… and the search engine?

What exactly is SEO?

The main goal of SEO is to obtain free, relevant, high converting traffic through the search engines.

What are Google and Bing looking for in a website?

The search engines just want to provide relevant and valuable content. If they don’t… they risk losing market share to a competitor. A few factors in terms of appeasing the search engines:

  • Speed – the site must load quickly
  • Content – you must have lots of valuable, informative content
  • Authority – the site must have incoming backlinks that signal that the site is a valuable resource.
  • User friendly – the site must be easy to navigate, easy to read, communicate information clearly, etc.

What To Avoid

Basically… spammy automated backlinks that signal that you are trying to “game” the search engines and violate their policies. Avoid poor site design; bounce rate and time spent on site are indeed factors. Avoid becoming a stale, traffic-less site. Drive traffic to your site any way that you can.

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