The main difference between white hat and black hat SEO is that with white hat you are playing by the rules and with black hat you are deliberately disobeying them.

A few examples of techniques

Black hat SEO

Here are a few common techniques:

  • Automated Link Building. There’s a bunch of software out there that will post low quality links to your site all over the web
  • Stuffing of Keywords. Involves unnecessary keyword repetition for the sake of attaining high keyword repetition/ density
  • Invincible or Unseen Text. Example: putting keywords in white colored font on a white colored background so that search engines can read… but not users
  • Doorway Pages. A fraud page that users can’t see

Whitehat SEO

A few common techniques:

  • Optimize your website according to Google’s SEO guide
  • Create lots of high quality content
  • Blogging
  • Social media

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