Three Ways to Measure ROI in Your SEO


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Measure Your ROI

ROI:  Return on investment.  SEO:  Search engine optimization.  Why should you hire a professional SEO team to optimize your website?  How can you measure your ROI?

In a few words, measuring return on investment is really measuring profit.  How much did you spend and how much did you make?  Are you making more than you’re spending?  Which expenses bring the best results?  SEO is a complexity of processes that present your website to the internet world in such a way that it is found and draws traffic to your site.

So how can you tell if your SEO experts are have implemented a successful strategy for you?  Here are three ways to tell.  (Remember, SEO is a process, so you must commit to at least six to nine months before evaluating your findings.)

Compare Now and Then:  Chose an average month of activity and earnings.  Perhaps you want to pick the last five months and average them.  Regardless, get a snapshot in time of the business you’re doing.  Then, after your SEO team has entered the picture, take another snapshot six to nine months down the road and compare.  Has your average profit increased?  Have your sales improved?

Leads:  Having frozen your snapshot, compare what it used to cost per lead and what the cost is now.  Has it increased or decreased.  In fact, look at the number of leads.  Have they increased or decreased?

Converting Leads:  Have you turned more leads into sales over the past six or nine months?  Perhaps the better wording is, have you had more visitors complete the action you want them to complete?  What keywords are converting higher?  Are they traceable back to the influence of your team?

Deciding to hire a Phoenix SEO company is an investment in your business, for sure.  It’s only natural you’ll want to know how effective their efforts are.  Return on investment is probably the most measurable way to do that, understanding that other external factors can enter the picture, too, and positively or negatively affect your outcomes.  However, the right team can impact your business tremendously and pay for themselves in the process.