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The following comments are from actual clients and are completely unsolicited:

My phone is ringing off the wall!!! I can’t keep up with all the calls and scheduling. Looking for ways to do this without hiring an actual person to sit in my office. My office isn’t big enough and that’s overhead I don’t want. I’m hoping you guys have some connections or ideas. Thanks!
– Audrey

Just wanted to give a shout out to my favorite SEO guy and say thank you for helping me to reshape my practice and take it in exactly the direction I always wanted it to go. Hope your holidays are filled with joy and cheer! You rock, buddy!!
– Will

We have had several online form submissions. I can count but I am certain there are 8 or 9. We will start tracking better on this end. PPC is honestly well worth the investment, in my personal opinion. As far as close rate, I close in the 90plus% range.
– Tina

Dallas SEO Team increased my followers on Facebook by 500% in 4 months. Thank You!
– John

Jeff thank you so much. You’re amazing.
– Jim

I got two more of these today. This website is really sending them. Whatever we need to do to keep this, let’s be sure to keep it! Thank you Jeff!
– Tracy

(Target keyword 1) and (target keyword 2) are looking awesome!! I really like the progress you guys are making and just want to get (target keyword 3) up top too. You guys are honestly great and I thank you for all if the good work you are doing for us.
– Joshua

Dallas SEO Team is simply the best! Honest, reasonable, great communication and best of all… Results! Thank You!
– John

Thanks to you guys I got the job! Apparently she typed in (target keyword) and I was number one! On top of that I was chosen out of the first 8 resulting photographer by the art director 🙂 so, thanks guys!
– Meg

Thanks Guys, Happy Holidays you guys are great, Thanks for the help in growing out company!!
– Tim

rad! Ive picked up two more potential clients this week from the page so its doing good! After the show when Im not blowing all my $$ on bodybuilding gear I will want to expand with you guys into the social networking stuff
– Lex

FYI: SEO for Dallas and Fort Worth is looking good. You are doing a great job.
– Lloyd

I am getting far more calls lately and callers even comment about my being first on Google.
– Lloyd G.

Dallas SEO Team gets lots of rave reviews from members of our professional business group. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to increase their business the painless way!
– Carol

I’ve noticed a steady improvement in rankings; especially as of late!
– Erik

A lot of folks aren’t so responsive and I wanted you to know that it doesn’t go unnoticed – and that it’s much appreciated.
– Will

Just received another call from our Google search, landed the business. That is 2 so far this month. I wanted to give you the positive feedback. Thank you.
– Frank