Some Common Misconceptions About SEO


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It’s hard to be found on the internet. There are, after all, millions and millions of websites. How do you stand out from the crowd? An SEO company can help you to attain maximum visibility.

Here are some of the most common misconceptions regarding SEO:

1. Investing in an SEO is not a permanent solution to your marketing needs

We are all at the mercy of Google when it comes to SEO; they can make a change that can make the things we do obsolete at any moment. Google doesn’t make any money off of SEO and often changes their algorithm to make it more difficult to get websites ranked quickly.

2. You will achieve results quickly

SEO is a time consuming process and it often takes many months to get the phone ringing consistently. You have to leapfrog many competitors in order to achieve high call volume.

3. It’s all about keywords and meta tags.

Keyword placement and meta tags are just one of many factors

4. Utilizing just one technique will achieve favorable results

We utilize many different techniques and they all work together to increase the prominence of your website.

5. SEO companies try to outsmart the search engines

SEO is all about working within the boundaries that the search engines set for us. The worst thing that an SEO company can do is get a site penalized. We are very careful to avoid that.

6. PPC ads are more effective than SEO

For many industries, the cost per click for paid search ads is insanely high… sometimes $40 or $50 per click. If you are an attorney, would you rather pay $50 for a click or get ranked in the natural results and get your clicks for free?