SEO Tips For Musicians


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SEO Tips for Bands and Musicians

How can you get free traffic through Google to your website?

  1. Choosing the right keywords to optimize for. Keyword research is key… and implementation is also critical. You need to make sure that you are optimizing for terms that people are actually searching for. Google’s keyword research tool can help with this.
  1. Relevant Content. Biography pages, lyrics pages, etc. are always really helpful
  1. Choose a good domain name. The best domain names are those that are short and easy to remember. It doesn’t hurt if they contain your target keywords either.
  1. Set up your META tags. Absolutely critical for showing up for your target terms
  1. Link Building. Get other bands/ music venues to link to your site
  1. Social Networking. A great way to drive traffic, communicate updates and also an SEO factor
  1. YouTube videos. Embed lots of YouTube videos on your site. Make sure to title and tag each video appropriately.