SEO Glossary

Adwords – Google’s pay per click product
Conversion rate – the number of sales you receive divided by the number of clicks you receive
Google maps – A Google product that displays local businesses on a map. These maps are often pulled onto the first page of the search results.
Negative keyword – Negative keywords prevent your paid search advertisements from displaying for particular keyword phrases.
Organic (search results) – Unpaid listings that are pulled onto a search engine results page. There is no fee associated with clicks on organic listings. The purpose of SEO is to show up high in the organic listings.
Pagerank – An measure of how important Google thinks your site is. Pagerank is determined by the quantity and quality of links that are pointed at your website.
Paid search – A form of advertising in which an advertiser bids on specific keywords and pays each time an advertisement is clicked. Paid search ads appear in the shaded area at the top of the search results as well as off to the right side.
Search engine optimization – The process of optimizing a website to show up in the organic search results
Search query – The exact term that someone types into a search engine