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Search engine optimization for network marketing websites can be a challenge for a few different reasons:

1. In almost all instances you are forced to link to the corporate brand’s website, which further increases their site authority and position at the top of the search rankings.

2. The content that is provided to you by the parent company will inevitably be published by thousands of other distributors, leading to duplicate content issues.

3. There must be sufficient search volume for specific products/ terms in order for SEO to make sense.

4. You are competing against thousands of other distributors for rankings.

However, that is not to say that SEO can not be successful for multi-level marketing companies in the right circumstances. Here is the approach that we took for a client of ours,

1. We researched niche terms that the corporate brand was not completely dominating already. There are many keywords in which we would have little to no chance at outranking the corporate site ( For example, we would have literally zero chance at outranking the corporate site for the keyword “Advocare.” However, there are several niche terms with decent search volume that the corporate brand was not adequately covering. Those are the keywords we chose to focus on.

2. The site owner linked to the corporate brand site on all of the tabs in the navigation bar instead of having the content contained to his website. In order to convince Google that you are an authority on a particular issue, it’s important to publish as much content as possible on your own site. We loaded up his website with lots of different articles and content so that his site would become an authority in the “eyes” of Google.

3. We carefully crafted our page structure in order to optimize for our target keywords. Target keywords were included in the title tag, headers and body content in order to emphasize to Google exactly what the site was about.

If you can effectively engage in the above techniques, you too can get your multi-level marketing website ranking at the top of the search engines.