SEO For Medical Doctors


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SEO for MD’s

If you’re a busy doctor, it likely won’t make much sense for you to do your own SEO. Hiring an SEO company like SEO Team will be your best bet; it will save you time, money and frustration in the long run. If executed correctly, your SEO campaign should lead to a very high ROI.

Local SEO

The maps results can be hugely important for doctors. Reviews are critical in the medical community and your maps profile pulls in reviews from all across the web. If you have lots of good reviews, it will significantly increase your conversion rate.

Make sure to check to see that maps results are being pulled into the search results for your target keywords before you invest your time and energy into maps optimization.


Blogging helps your SEO by creating fresh and unique content. It’s also a great way to communicate your expertise to potential patients. Blogging is a great idea for doctors.

Social Media

It’s a great idea to have an active presence on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Social media can help you gain new clients and can help with your site’s conversion rate. Customers will click on your social media links to get an idea of how well liked and trusted your company is. Social also helps with SEO. Google especially seems to factor in your total web presence these days rather than just links and content.