Quick Tips for SEO that even Beginners will Love


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Quick Tips for SEO that even Beginners will Love

Here are some of the basic tips for SEO or search engine optimization that everyone could understand. Anyone with a website must at least know how to manage their sites so that they would be able to reach the goal of high ranking in search engines like Google and Bing.

  1. If you really need to use image links, image maps and drop down menus from JavaScript, make sure to include text links someplace on the site’s content so that it will be followed by ‘spiders’.
  2. The main purpose of the user’s in viewing your website is to read its content. Consider your content as the king of your website. So always, ensure that your content has a good, unique and well-written content that also focuses on its main keyword phrases.
  3. If you consider the content the king of your website, then you must treat your links as the queen. It is important to establish a network to other networks that backlinks it to your website. Just make sure that the website that will be linked to you will be related with your website or else you will not want to link it to them.
  4. PageRank is important; however, do not get so obsessed about it. PageRank is just a small part of ranking algorithm. A website with a good PR for viewers can actually outrank the one with high numbers of viewers.
  5. Make a unique keyword phrases for every page of your website. Focus on the Title tag of your website the keyword phrases you have chosen to use and if it is possible, you may include the company’s name in it.
  6. Always update the content of the website. Make sure to add useful and new content regularly. A fresh content can add real purpose for the viewers, which search engines are looking for.
  7. Emphasize on search phrases and not solely to single word keywords. Example of this is when your target search phrase is ‘SEO tips’ then link the site to ‘SEO tips’ and not of “Click here” link.
  8. Do not make a design without consulting an SEO. Always ensure that your web designer knows your anticipations on organic SEO.
  9. URL’s are necessary for a website but it is not that important. As far as SEO techniques are concerned, you may use any URLs like .htm, .asp, .php, etc
  10. Always ensure the accessibility of your website. Make a site that is user-friendly and easy to use by the viewers. This may influence the ability of your site in link building and high rank popularity
  11. Use newsletters and Zines to communicate with other links and to other possible clients if you think your links are not visible in the search engines.
  12. Choose services that market a wide range of viewers. Services might include social content, podcasts, videos, news and so on.

These are only few of the basic SEO tips that you may do to your website to be able to reach your high-ranking goal. Following simple steps may help your site go forward and may save you lots of money by not hiring a full-time SEO company to manage your business.