How To Help Your SEO Team: Keywords


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How To Help Your SEO Team: Keywords

You’re a business owner new to optimizing your website?  That’s why you hired a professional search optimization (SEO) team to do the actual work.  However, it doesn’t mean you can’t learn more about the task and how to achieve it so you can better assist yourself and your team’s efforts.

As you interact with your professional SEO team, you’re going to realize the importance the term keywords has on the outcomes you and your team want for your website, which of course is higher page ranks.  Keywords are the first step in ascending the search engine ladder.

Basically, a keyword is a word or group of words consumers use to search for a product, company, concept or information on a search engine.  If you’re business is selling shoes, imagine all the keywords that could be used to drive searchers to your site.  You could use pumps, heels, sandals, men’s shoes, women’s shoes, boots, snow shoes, red leather, etc., etc.

Your SEO team will help you identify and maximize the use of your keywords so that your website is in contention for page ranking by association to those words.  Understand now that the process is more complex than just throwing keywords into your website or promotional materials.  Once keywords are tentatively identified, your SEO group will conduct research to see who the competitors are who might also be using those terms.  They’ll check to see what the competition is numerically as well.  This will help them either tailor the words to narrow down the field, or they may discard some due to market saturation.

So you can help by being open-minded and by helping your SEO team identify what you do in general terms and in specific terms.  That will help them properly list your keywords and promote them in all of their supplemental efforts.