Pinterest and SEO: Why Should You Care?


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Pinterest and SEO: Why Should You Care?

If you’re business is selling products, and you have web presence, sit up and take note of two things:  1.  You absolutely must post images on your website and they must be posted properly, and 2.  You must be aware of Pinterest and how it can help you.

First things first—images.  In the world that is SEO (search engine optimization), every time someone enters keywords in a search engine (like Google), the engine scours the web for text and images. Many people overlook the image aspect of the search, which reduces opportunities to get the web exposure they want and need.   However, the images must be titled correctly, or they’ll be overlooked.  That’s why it’s recommended that you hire an experienced SEO company to promote your site, because they know this and, more importantly, know how to do it.

Now to the Pinterest part.  Pinterest is a social website that has established itself as a pack-leader in the midst of already-established social media sites.  The hook with Pinterest is that it’s like a visual scrapbook customized to each member.  Users find an image they like, from cupcakes to irons to golf clubs, and pin the photo to their page along with some personal insights.  It’s viewable by others, who can also re-pin the image to their page, and so on.  Images that are most-pinned become featured on Pinterest’s main topics pages, a sort of “what’s trending now” type of dynamic tally.

Pinterest is becoming the prime site for promoting particular retail products.  For example, someone buys a new coffee pot and loves it, so they find an image of the exact model (taken from a site on the internet) and pin it to their page.  The act of pinning plus the comments are like product endorsements, which can drive sales of that item.  (In fact, Pinterest’s revenue stream comes mainly from payment by affiliate programs for sales that track back to the website.)  With its 10 million-plus monthly visitors, who, by the way represent 80 percent of women who use the internet, and who do most of the purchasing for the home, its impact on your business cannot be overlooked.


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