How Web Design Impacts Your Conversion Rate and SEO


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How Web Design Impacts Your Conversion Rate and SEO

Think web design is all about just making things look pretty? Think that it doesn’t really impact your bottom line? That would be incorrect. Web design can have a significant impact on your conversion rate and SEO.

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How web design impacts your website’s conversion rate:

Conversion rate is defined by the number of people who actually buy something from you (or complete a lead form or perform whatever activity you want them to perform) divided by the number of visitors who reach your website.

For example, if 100 people visit your website and three of them convert into a sale, then your conversion rate would be 3% (3/100).

If you have an attractive website that resonates with your target customers, then your conversion rate will inevitably be high. More potential customers will come to the belief that you are a trustworthy company that will give them the customer service and high quality product that they desire. A small investment into upgrading your site design can have a huge impact on your profits down the road. Updating your site design is often one of the highest ROI activities one can undertake.

How web design impacts your website’s SEO:

It is true… there are some very, very ugly looking websites that rank extremely high in the search engines. Google loves content, and really old, text heavy sites often perform really well with regard to SEO, regardless of their design. However, there’s no reason that you can’t have a site that is both text heavy/ ranks well and is attractive/ high converting.

Web design does have an impact on your SEO. Bounce rate and time spent on site are factors in Google’s algorithm. If a high percentage of your site visitors hit the site, see one ugly page that doesn’t resonate with what they are looking for, and then immediately hit the back button on their browser, your rankings will definitely be affected. In order to increase your rankings in the search engines, you want to have a site that draws people in, that encourages people to click into the site and learn more. Time spent on site is one of the most underestimated rankings factors, but it’s a huge signal for relevance.

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