How To Know If You Need to Hire an SEO Professional


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How To Know If You Need to Hire an SEO Professional

Unless you’re in the business of optimizing your website for search engine recognition, you should farm out this work to SEO professionals who do it for a living.  Why, you ask?  Here are some questions to answer your question.

What do the following terms mean?  Brand name link, targeted link, generic link, meta tags, keyword, anchor text and algorithm.  What is Google Penguin and why do you care?   How do you disassociate links and how can you be sure you’re doing it to the right ones?  What is page rank and how do you achieve it, especially now with SEO parameters changing?

If you can’t answer all these questions yourself without hours of research, you have just proven the reasons that you need a professional SEO firm to do the work for you.  Search engine optimization is a very complex technical skill set that can take years to learn—understanding that the minute you think you know it, search engines change what they’re looking for and you’re back to square one again.

Here are some more questions for you?  Can you afford to use your time as a business owner to learn proven SEO techniques?  Will the time it takes to learn them mean that your primary business will suffer from your absence?  How many more hours a day do you want to spend on your business?  Isn’t 12 to 14 enough already?

Hiring SEO professionals to optimize your website and traffic is a prudent business investment, like maintaining your building or buying quality materials.  Don’t spend all that money investing in a prime location storefront or making the best product you can, and then short change yourself when it comes to marketing your product in this global economy.

Rather, farm out SEO work to the professionals and know that your marketing efforts are being cared for in a way that will benefit you.  Focus instead on making your customers happy, because good SEO work will bring them to you.


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