Comparing A Few Popular Web Design Platforms


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Comparing A Few Popular Web Design Platforms

Many potential clients ask us what program they should use to build their website. Here are our experiences with a few of the most popular options for designing websites…

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 Joomla – Joomla offers a fairly easy to use content management system, quite a few different plugins that are quite handy as well as attractive templates. However, we don’t ever recommend it to our clients. Why? Joomla sites seem to get hacked frequently. There’s nothing worse than losing sales because your site has been hacked by a Russian!

Wix – With Wix… you might not even need to hire a web design company. If you invest a bit of effort, you can likely come up with a relatively attractive site even if you have no experience with web design. However, there are some major downsides to using Wix. Wix might claim to be SEO-friendly; however, nothing could be further from the truth. It’s impossible to implement many of the elements that are absolutely critical to SEO success. When we take on a new client and their site was built in Wix, we literally cringe. Wix doesn’t just limit you with regard to SEO… it’s impossible to move forward with many of the critical tasks that are extremely simple and straightforward with other platforms. Even implementing Google Adsense or Analytics or other simple applications is often impossible. Even if you might be tempted to use Wix due to how easy and cheap it is… don’t do it! You are far too limited.

WordPress – We usually recommend that our clients go with WordPress. It’s free, there’s tons of plugins available, the sites aren’t vulnerable to being hacked as long as you keep the site updated/ it’s coded well, the platform is SEO-friendly…. lots and lots of positives. WordPress is a great option for most small businesses.

Godaddy Sitebuilder – We have limited experience with this program… but from what we have seen, it’s best to avoid it. The platform has limited functionality and is difficult to customize in order to come up with a top notch design.

Raw HTML Code – If you are really emphasizing SEO, this is actually the best option, as you can present really clean, concise code to the search engine robots. However… if you don’t know how to code websites… or want an easy to use CMS (content management system) or other more advanced applications, building a site from scratch likely isn’t your best bet.

SEO Team can help you figure out the best platform for your small business. Contact your Denver web design company today for more info.