5 On-Page SEO Techniques That May Help Boost Your Website’s Ranking

SEO starts with making sure that your website is set up correctly in order for the search engines to read and process all info. Search engine robots can’t process information the same way that you and I can, so it’s important to set things up in a certain way so that your site will be in a good position to rank. The following are five factors that impact onsite SEO:

1. Make sure that all text is coded as actual text and not images – Many people code think that their keywords are showing up in their website as text but it’s actually in the form of an image. While there is some evidence that Google can read the text contained in images, it’s still better to make sure that all text is coded as actual text content, rather than images/ javascript/ flash.

2. Make sure that all of your content is completely unique – It’s extremely difficult to get a site ranked that publishes duplicate content that is found elsewhere on the web; it’s important to make sure that all text is 100% unique.

3. Make sure that your site loads quickly – Load time is a ranking factor. Make sure that the site loads quickly for your average user.

4. Have unique title tags and meta descriptions on each page – Title tags are a huge signal to the search engines as to what the page is about. Compelling meta descriptions can increase your click through rate in the search results.

5. Make sure that all key pages are indexed – This can usually be accomplished by a solid navigation structure… but sitemaps can help too.